Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Football Attic Kit Podcast 15 Part 2 - John Devlin

If you've listened to the first part of our interview with John Devlin, you'll no doubt be wondering how Volume 2 of True Colours came about, or how John came to be the TV superstar that he is.

Well wait no more! Part 2 of our monster podcast with the great football kit illustrator and author of our time is now ready to assault your ears!

Find out which radio broadcaster John rubbed shoulders with during the promotion for his first book and which football club was foolish enough to REFUSE John's request to appear in his second book...

These questions and more are all answered in Part 2 of our latest Football Attic Kit Podcast, plus there's the chance to take part in our latest Kit Off vote which focuses on Scotland shirts, as selected by John himself (details below).

To hear Part 2 of Episode 15, you can subscribe to us on iTunes or you can download the podcast here. Thanks for listening!


This time around we're asking you to choose your favourite from three Scotland kits chosen by John Devlin. John refers to them as his 'unsung heroes' - that is to say three great kits that are often overlooked.

Simply use the voting buttons below to make your choice and we'll announce the winner on the next podcast. Thanks in advance for taking part!


A crib sheet is available featuring pictures of all the kits mentioned in this podcast, plus links to the websites and projects mentioned. Send us an email if you'd like access to our shared Google Doc now, and we'll do the rest!


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